dinsdag, januari 24, 2006

SPT:A dutch girl goes to school

So I narrowed it down to 2 pictures. This one with me as a real little dutch girl om my woodenshoes. I love walking on them and still have always a pair for gardening.. It's scary to see how much my son looks like me..And this is me I think a year later on my first day of school. And well that is really a portrait of my mothers feelings at that time I think. I was very exited about going to school. I don't recall feeling als lost and little and lonely as I look here. However my swchooltime was not as fun as it could've so this pictures touches me on so many levels now that I just signed my little big boy who looks like me in for the basisschool. He wants to go he talks about it everyday and I'll try to remember that if he looks like this on his first day..

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autum zei

I love those pictures. I remember when my little girl first went to school. She was so tiny and I was afraid she wouldn't be able to open the doors by herself. I was reading your other posts as well. Please don't feel intimidated by anything at my site. I don't have 2 small children to keep up with so I am sure I have more time to waste on blogging. Let me know if you use my tutorial to make a purse. I hope it is helpful and if I left anything out let me know. I hope your little girl is feeling better.