zaterdag, januari 21, 2006

Sometimes the line

between inspiration and intimidation is so thin.. I find blogreading and blogwriting so inspirational. But sometimes I'm just so intimated. There is so much beautifull stuff shown.. Look at these and these bags , Well Autumn is not only intimidating because of the bags but she has her blog not longer than I have mine and she managed to make categories and picture shows and all that good stuff.. An I

Corners of my home
is another hugely intimidating thing. Everybody has lovely corners, I got needs to be folded washing and cobwebs and all. But well I just had a deep breath decided I better feel insired because thats way more fun. So I took a week off at work and will be making some nice corners ! (and go thriftshopping, and make my months of softesdoll and in the meantime my liitle girl has a fever of 39,3 so I probably won't do a thing.. )

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poppit zei

I know just what you mean! I also spend hours browsing blogs and then getting intimidated by how clever and creative everybody is...but we have to remember we are also clever and creative. Just look at your blog for example...i really enjoy reading it and visually it is also a pleasure....where does that little negative voice come from that pops into our heads? Keep up the great work!!