dinsdag, januari 03, 2006

Sewing in action

One of the big big advantages of being able to work at home is that I can fill in waiting hours with my own stuf. So the last oneandahalf hour I was behind the sewingmachine trying to finish my first ever clotingthing made following a pattern..

Following is used in the lightest sense of the word. i'm not a follower. Some of my changes worked out very well. The pattern was for a much lighter fabric and the ribbon was in an alltogether diferent place. But well the seems . Lets say it is very obvious that I'm used to make stuffed things..

I do love it though . I 've got a little bit of spare fabric and ribbon to make my girl a duvet for her new dollpram she will be getting on her birthday next saturday..I see her standing behind it and allready love the combo.. (walking won't be seen it's her first birthday.. swhe loves to stand though)

One of the disadvantages of making your mind up when in the middle of a project is that you just don't have the stuff you need! I will have to go in town to find a nice blue button..


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