maandag, januari 30, 2006

Sad & Lost

I’m sad and lost today. And tired and menstruating too, so that does explain it somewhat. But still I hate feeling like this. I try to fight it by making something (anybody here that read the tales Alvin Maker?) . I need to fight the black force. But Im not in a creative mood. I start things and then lose confidence or make to many mistakes and feel worse. Usually I end up with a clean bit of house. I can clean when depressed.. Today I can’t even do that since I’m working..(most of the time that is.. ) I woke 3 times for baby girlirl tonight and onç for the son who had a wet bed. I loved to hear his voice though, I dreamed they were all dead tonight husband and kids. Oh not a good day but still a 100.0 tes better than my dreams. It will go away it always does and for now chocolate and tea..

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autum zei

I am sorry you fell so sad today. I wish I could sit and have chocolate and tea with you! Maybe you should try a really easy project just to give you the satisfaction of doing it. Not something challenging. Or just go out and take some pictures. Your pictures are really good. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you! I am sending happy thoughts your way and would send a hug if I could!