donderdag, januari 26, 2006

An now Mijk the photographer

well not really, it is more of a Mijk who likes to play with her over the top camera. This was our best e-bay buy ever.. An second hand nikon d1x. We had a second hand f100 wich my husband wanted to upgrade to digital and i was very reluctant. I thought the slr was a bit out of my leage. I'm not good in remembering the theorie of a camera. So I hated the disapointment of seeing my pictures again. That said the camera came I saw it, took it out and was in love. It feels like this thing can read my mind. I can see my errors straight away. Can afford to try and try again and well it is so much fun.. I do feel like a fraud sometimes walking around with my proffessional camera!

But here some of my efforts This was within a week of getting the camera so I'm pretty pleased with it.

The seal lived in a sealrescuecenter but he doesn't seem to miss the sea. He is so content..

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autum zei

Yes Mijk the photographer! Those pictues are beautiful. I don't know enough about photography myself to even know where to begin complimenting you but I know those photos are wonderful. I love the vividness of the color and that flower makes you feel like you could actually smell it. I want to see more and more of Mijk the photographer's work! The camera only captures what your eye tells it to. You have an eye for photography!

Strikkelise zei

I love the seal photo!
It would make a great postcard.