maandag, januari 16, 2006

If I had started this blog a few years ago

I first, would have been a lot more cool than now, following everybody else...and secondly I would've named it differently I think. Something like balance would've been in the title for sure! That was my quest then: more balance. I've always been either very happy or very sad and I so longed for simple balance. Just being content in the moment was not my thing. I longed but never reached. Things are different now. I am now at a place I thought I would never reach a couple of years ago. Happy, content, confident still making mistakes but being able to let them go and try again. So Improvement is the new goal and I'm so greatfull that after reaching my goal I discovered so much more to do and learn..

I like having this blog though it scares me a bit sometimes but when I look at it I have to laugh at the discription I give of myself, I won't change it though.. A dutch girl trying to improve herselve as a writer, mother, crafter and just about everything else.

I probably won't share writing here because well I write in dutch. I've put writing first because it is my biggest ambition. I write for work but there is a children book in the making that I do want to finish sometimes. My children are mentioned after the writing but I think that is because the one area of my life I find myself comfortable with is the mothering. I can do that..

And crafting well, you will hear everything about that because it changes everything for me. It is not a goal in it self but starting crafting has led me to set bigger goals. Visualising things and then making them, creating new things has unleashed a river of creativity in my head. On all levels. It made me more confortable about trying new things it made me less scared to share my stuff. (I wrote quite a personal article for my work that ended uip being quoted in a national newspaper) |I believe in what I do more strongly.

I used to craft as a kid. But idea's are my thing and not the skills in itself. So my friends were more precise, more acurate, neater and more boring but it was not until I reinvented crafting that I realised that the friend I adored because she was so precise with scissors always maked examples straight out of books and is now an accountant..

So improving as a crafter wil hopefully lead to improvement just about everywhere else..

P.S. Note how grand I speak about my crafts. A few years ago I would've said: I sometimes make things but they are no good anyway!

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autum zei

When we stand back and take a look at ourselves we are really different people at different stages in our lives! We have different hopes and dreams and that is reflected in our work and hobbies! When we are teenagers and young adults we think we have it all figured out and know it all. When we are in our 30's it becomes evident that we did not have it figured out and we strive to learn and improve so that we can keep up with the next generation that thinks they know it all.