zondag, januari 08, 2006

Hiep hiep hoera!

the girl is one year old. It is unbelievable.. She loved it. The presents and the people, the hip hip hurraying (see post title for dutch translation) She did it whenever she seemed to feel a bit less center of attention. She loved her birthdaycake wich was fun because I put a lot of effort into it. I've started cake decorating when my boy was a year old ( 2,5 years ago) and I'm quite impressed with my progress. Even more so since the inside improved just as much as the outside. I used a 'biscuitmix' of de leukste taarten bak jezelf webshop. I love their cakes and their products. As a filler I make a mon chou mix because I do like cake and just buttercream and cake isn't my idea of yummie.. This was, it was really really good. I might have to do one for a neighbour in a couple of weeks! The boy and i made some small sweets with the leftover marzipan and fondant.. He wanted to wear his own apron because then he was a real cook and real cooks taste everything !

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