zaterdag, januari 14, 2006

Doll number 3 (and a month of softies)

After finishing Flip I wanted to make another doll and when a friend of mine gave birth to a babygirl I decided to make one for her. Her name was Zoƫ and since this name means live I made one with that in mind. A green one from an old embroidered shirt. Here she is..
Since then I've made a mascotte for the new bussiness of my BF (finished but not send yet!) and yesterday I started on the new month of softies theme: Fairytales. Very convenient since a Cinderella doll was high on my things I want to make list! And now I've got to keep working since I said here I will contribute to the januaritheme (got a second comment yesterday so feel like I've got readers)...

3 opmerkingen:

poppit zei

hoi! wat een leuke pop!! Enjoyed reading your blog... get excited when i find other Dutch people!!

autum zei

I love the doll. Your friend is very lucky!

rungirlrun zei

I like her green dress with the red flowers. I love the cute bracelet.