maandag, januari 23, 2006

Day one of the week of ME

And the week of me will be a lot of homeimprovements so it actually will be the week of the house but it feels like a week of me. My newyearsresolutions ( the big ones, nicer wrapping was a small one) are here on my memoboard and they say: cleaner, more structured, more creative and that's what I intend to achieve this week. I've got one husband at wortk, one kid at daycare and one sick in, but she sleeps a lot and I'm going to keep up My plans. Today I will be organising and make pretty the work/guestroom. So I leave with some before pictures (How is that for motivating myself..)

Oh see the skirt on the ironingboard. it is wool way to big for me but the fabrik will be a dress for my little gril. I found in a H&M sale. 30 euro's original. discounted for 7,95 and then 70 % of of that. I need to get back there ther were more and autumn poisted a tutorial for her purses!

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