maandag, januari 09, 2006

Corners of my house

I unknowingly had started this on my own with the babyroompicture (Oh do I love that corner with the rockerchair) but today I officially went around with my snapshotcamera to make pictures of the beloved corners of this house. I've got more in mind because I love this house to bits.

That was a happy c
oincedence because we bought it as a plan on paper because of the garden (440 square meters wich in our corner of the world is a big garden). The house they planned to build we weren't to sure of. And I love it. Despite all my love for old things it is a wonderfull idea that this is our house and our house only. Nobody lived in it before. It is for us to give it soul, love and memories.. And we do succeed in that I think. It's quite a happy little house

On this two foto's you see my kitchen and diningtable. The picture rail runs across the entire room and makes it easy to change things. The picture you see here is made by an old friend of mine as a present.

The rench windows into the garden are one of the best features of our house. To blend garden and home in summer is so lovely. The tulips have to bring in nature on their own this time of the year though!

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