woensdag, januari 18, 2006


Sometimes an oportunity to be creative is so wonderfull you end up doing nothing because you keep thinking your next idea will be even better. My bank introduced personalised bankcards (there is probably a better english word for that) months ago . In this country almost all moneytransfers are computerized or payed with pin so this is a quite essential thing in my life. And a good design can win you an ipod. So I didn't do anything for months and today I came up with this:
It is a scan of the print of my design because I'm not yet ready to share my name with all of you (this is the standard design info). The text says De zon zakt voor niks. Wich means 'The sun sets for free' wich is a wordplay on a dutch expression: for free only the sun rises wich you can get as an answer when you complain about what something costs. I wanted a text to keep me from spending and couldn't resist a picture because I had seen on friends cards that the quality is good. This is a sunset I captured on the beach in october.

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