dinsdag, januari 24, 2006

And of course it changed back in the week of them...

The boy's stay with the grandparents has been cancelled and the girl is still ill. In fact so miserable for so long I'm taking her to the docter this afternoon. I did start the day with breakfast in bath and a good read in there too, ànd I have now a visible guestbed, 6 bags of clothing for charity, bills paid, all my fabric sorted and in the study.. I coudnt go thrift shopping but actually thrifting in your own home is even more fun. I found the christmaslights (I know a bit late but still'..) But also all sorts of cute stuff that some day can have one of my corners. Paints wallpaper posters from back to when I was a teenager and student.. Lots of photos. (Yes I know it's tuesday but I can't choose.. )

I off course greatly overestimated what I could do yesterday. But it is ok.. The best way to finiswh something is to get started!

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