dinsdag, januari 03, 2006

And now with links and photo's

that's the new goal: so I'm gonna try to link to the blog that got me back crafting: it is susans rungirlrun.

I was browsing through some adoptionblogs (love reading them as once I dreamed of adopting myself, I didn't but it still fascinates me). And there was Susans blog with a beautifull doll and I tthought I want to do that. And I did. Thisw i what I came up with..
I first made the girl on the left for my daughter on a holiday near the sea. I did her completely by hand wich decreases the amounts of mistakes I make.. She is entirely made of materials I allready had lying around (I had saved fabric for ages because I wanted to craft...)

Then of course my son wanted a doll too. He got a boy and has since requested he wanted a girl with a pretty dress aswell!

There names are Grietje and Flip and I love them dearly though they have mistakes.. Fortunately my kids like them too..

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rungirlrun zei

I love Flip. I like how you did his shorts and, of course, his kite. great idea.