dinsdag, januari 31, 2006

Pictures! (Lots and big, sorry)

One of the hardest things of photographing I find, is choosing. What is good and what's not. Professionals are said to ditch 90 to 95 % of their shoots. Which is a big reason I think amateurphotographing will benefit enormously of digital camera's. I never could afford to shoot so much and then throw it away. Now I try to be as rudless. I shoot 105 pictures last sunday. I left them for a couple of days to see them fresh. And now I'm going through them. I have warmed to the lighting. (there is not much warmth in it but the moody graytones have grown on me.. ) This is my selection so far of what I do like..

maandag, januari 30, 2006

mijk improves

mijk improves

See! I try to blog and I managed to change my text in to weird things and lose my sidebar...!

This day is no good..

Sad & Lost

I’m sad and lost today. And tired and menstruating too, so that does explain it somewhat. But still I hate feeling like this. I try to fight it by making something (anybody here that read the tales Alvin Maker?) . I need to fight the black force. But Im not in a creative mood. I start things and then lose confidence or make to many mistakes and feel worse. Usually I end up with a clean bit of house. I can clean when depressed.. Today I can’t even do that since I’m working..(most of the time that is.. ) I woke 3 times for baby girlirl tonight and onç for the son who had a wet bed. I loved to hear his voice though, I dreamed they were all dead tonight husband and kids. Oh not a good day but still a 100.0 tes better than my dreams. It will go away it always does and for now chocolate and tea..

vrijdag, januari 27, 2006

a touch of dutch

This is I think the betterknown dutch design. I quite like it myself and I could go here to buy it. I don't because well I don't have the money. I rather spend it on this shop full of nice stuff. Or I'll read my kids this before bedtime. The son also loves this.

And we read anything by this lady, ussually beautifull illustrated by her. I used to love toread my grandmothers books for young ladys and I loved the pictures. Here you can see what I mean
And then we have history. For most holydays I go to a province where they wear this
traditionally. Next time I'm gonna search for a shop like this. Suddenly you see why this is very dutch aswell!

donderdag, januari 26, 2006

An now Mijk the photographer

well not really, it is more of a Mijk who likes to play with her over the top camera. This was our best e-bay buy ever.. An second hand nikon d1x. We had a second hand f100 wich my husband wanted to upgrade to digital and i was very reluctant. I thought the slr was a bit out of my leage. I'm not good in remembering the theorie of a camera. So I hated the disapointment of seeing my pictures again. That said the camera came I saw it, took it out and was in love. It feels like this thing can read my mind. I can see my errors straight away. Can afford to try and try again and well it is so much fun.. I do feel like a fraud sometimes walking around with my proffessional camera!

But here some of my efforts This was within a week of getting the camera so I'm pretty pleased with it.

The seal lived in a sealrescuecenter but he doesn't seem to miss the sea. He is so content..

woensdag, januari 25, 2006

It was about me after all

so here I am. Drinking tea, listening to jaz and sewing my cinderella doll in my so improved study. Boy is playing at a friends daughter sleeps. Downstairs is a mess that I wil sort out in half an hour but now is about me ;-)

what the???????

Took a little bit of time to ad some links and now all the links go to are elsevier. Wich is a dutch magazine that I do not really like. It is a bit to rightwinged for my taste. How the hell does it show up in my sidebare. I checked and doublechecked and it irritates me no end

Oh the girl has infected tonsils. She is so poorly but takes her antibiotics like a trooper (wich is good she had pneunomia in summer and then had to be hospitilised to get tem through a feeding tube!)

Remmber this was my week ;-)

dinsdag, januari 24, 2006

SPT:A dutch girl goes to school

So I narrowed it down to 2 pictures. This one with me as a real little dutch girl om my woodenshoes. I love walking on them and still have always a pair for gardening.. It's scary to see how much my son looks like me..And this is me I think a year later on my first day of school. And well that is really a portrait of my mothers feelings at that time I think. I was very exited about going to school. I don't recall feeling als lost and little and lonely as I look here. However my swchooltime was not as fun as it could've so this pictures touches me on so many levels now that I just signed my little big boy who looks like me in for the basisschool. He wants to go he talks about it everyday and I'll try to remember that if he looks like this on his first day..

And of course it changed back in the week of them...

The boy's stay with the grandparents has been cancelled and the girl is still ill. In fact so miserable for so long I'm taking her to the docter this afternoon. I did start the day with breakfast in bath and a good read in there too, ànd I have now a visible guestbed, 6 bags of clothing for charity, bills paid, all my fabric sorted and in the study.. I coudnt go thrift shopping but actually thrifting in your own home is even more fun. I found the christmaslights (I know a bit late but still'..) But also all sorts of cute stuff that some day can have one of my corners. Paints wallpaper posters from back to when I was a teenager and student.. Lots of photos. (Yes I know it's tuesday but I can't choose.. )

I off course greatly overestimated what I could do yesterday. But it is ok.. The best way to finiswh something is to get started!

maandag, januari 23, 2006

found a new blog

and I love it! I bet you can see why!

Day one of the week of ME

And the week of me will be a lot of homeimprovements so it actually will be the week of the house but it feels like a week of me. My newyearsresolutions ( the big ones, nicer wrapping was a small one) are here on my memoboard and they say: cleaner, more structured, more creative and that's what I intend to achieve this week. I've got one husband at wortk, one kid at daycare and one sick in, but she sleeps a lot and I'm going to keep up My plans. Today I will be organising and make pretty the work/guestroom. So I leave with some before pictures (How is that for motivating myself..)

Oh see the skirt on the ironingboard. it is wool way to big for me but the fabrik will be a dress for my little gril. I found in a H&M sale. 30 euro's original. discounted for 7,95 and then 70 % of of that. I need to get back there ther were more and autumn poisted a tutorial for her purses!

zaterdag, januari 21, 2006

Oh My... I'm going shopping

this shop I found searching vintage stuff IS IN MY HOMETOWN!

Sometimes the line

between inspiration and intimidation is so thin.. I find blogreading and blogwriting so inspirational. But sometimes I'm just so intimated. There is so much beautifull stuff shown.. Look at these and these bags , Well Autumn is not only intimidating because of the bags but she has her blog not longer than I have mine and she managed to make categories and picture shows and all that good stuff.. An I

Corners of my home
is another hugely intimidating thing. Everybody has lovely corners, I got needs to be folded washing and cobwebs and all. But well I just had a deep breath decided I better feel insired because thats way more fun. So I took a week off at work and will be making some nice corners ! (and go thriftshopping, and make my months of softesdoll and in the meantime my liitle girl has a fever of 39,3 so I probably won't do a thing.. )

woensdag, januari 18, 2006


Sometimes an oportunity to be creative is so wonderfull you end up doing nothing because you keep thinking your next idea will be even better. My bank introduced personalised bankcards (there is probably a better english word for that) months ago . In this country almost all moneytransfers are computerized or payed with pin so this is a quite essential thing in my life. And a good design can win you an ipod. So I didn't do anything for months and today I came up with this:
It is a scan of the print of my design because I'm not yet ready to share my name with all of you (this is the standard design info). The text says De zon zakt voor niks. Wich means 'The sun sets for free' wich is a wordplay on a dutch expression: for free only the sun rises wich you can get as an answer when you complain about what something costs. I wanted a text to keep me from spending and couldn't resist a picture because I had seen on friends cards that the quality is good. This is a sunset I captured on the beach in october.

A day late spt

I was complete without inspiration this week. For work I just had to browse my photo's and found this..
Me and My husband (to be) entering the church on this really blustery februariday. It was such a wonderfull day. I can remember my jaws hurt so much from the grin I couldn't get of my face..
And well it is quite a nice marriage too.....

maandag, januari 16, 2006

If I had started this blog a few years ago

I first, would have been a lot more cool than now, following everybody else...and secondly I would've named it differently I think. Something like balance would've been in the title for sure! That was my quest then: more balance. I've always been either very happy or very sad and I so longed for simple balance. Just being content in the moment was not my thing. I longed but never reached. Things are different now. I am now at a place I thought I would never reach a couple of years ago. Happy, content, confident still making mistakes but being able to let them go and try again. So Improvement is the new goal and I'm so greatfull that after reaching my goal I discovered so much more to do and learn..

I like having this blog though it scares me a bit sometimes but when I look at it I have to laugh at the discription I give of myself, I won't change it though.. A dutch girl trying to improve herselve as a writer, mother, crafter and just about everything else.

I probably won't share writing here because well I write in dutch. I've put writing first because it is my biggest ambition. I write for work but there is a children book in the making that I do want to finish sometimes. My children are mentioned after the writing but I think that is because the one area of my life I find myself comfortable with is the mothering. I can do that..

And crafting well, you will hear everything about that because it changes everything for me. It is not a goal in it self but starting crafting has led me to set bigger goals. Visualising things and then making them, creating new things has unleashed a river of creativity in my head. On all levels. It made me more confortable about trying new things it made me less scared to share my stuff. (I wrote quite a personal article for my work that ended uip being quoted in a national newspaper) |I believe in what I do more strongly.

I used to craft as a kid. But idea's are my thing and not the skills in itself. So my friends were more precise, more acurate, neater and more boring but it was not until I reinvented crafting that I realised that the friend I adored because she was so precise with scissors always maked examples straight out of books and is now an accountant..

So improving as a crafter wil hopefully lead to improvement just about everywhere else..

P.S. Note how grand I speak about my crafts. A few years ago I would've said: I sometimes make things but they are no good anyway!

zaterdag, januari 14, 2006

Doll number 3 (and a month of softies)

After finishing Flip I wanted to make another doll and when a friend of mine gave birth to a babygirl I decided to make one for her. Her name was Zoë and since this name means live I made one with that in mind. A green one from an old embroidered shirt. Here she is..
Since then I've made a mascotte for the new bussiness of my BF (finished but not send yet!) and yesterday I started on the new month of softies theme: Fairytales. Very convenient since a Cinderella doll was high on my things I want to make list! And now I've got to keep working since I said here I will contribute to the januaritheme (got a second comment yesterday so feel like I've got readers)...

donderdag, januari 12, 2006

She loved it!

I did give the book in the end. And added a little stuffed playmouse from the Hema.
You can't go wrong buying stuff there. One of my smaller newyearsresolutions was doing somne prettier wrapping and well I succeeded I think because her boy kept saying nice present nice paper ;-) . Baby was adorable kids played well together. So fun visit!

woensdag, januari 11, 2006


had an idea a while back to make a fabric covered notebook for a newborn baby so it could either be used by the kid or by the parents writing down the fun stuff (wich I always forget.. ). So today I finally tried it. Couldn't find an unpretty notebook though this is the same as the orange one but then in lightblue.. the covered is sewn as a removable cover though.. and the blue was a bit discoloured .. Not sure it is good enough for a gift but I liked doing it., the letters weere so much easier with the quilting sciccors Sinterklaas bought me

The fabric is an Ikea kitchentowel. I have loads more of textile goodies from their for another post!

dinsdag, januari 10, 2006

My very first selfportrait-tuesday

but well how you can resist a theme like personal history? This desk is my grandma's I used to draw here when I was a kid so did my dad! I decided I wanted it when I was 8 but after grandma died I waited almost 4 years to actually put it in my house. It didn't seem to belong there. On it are gnomes I collected as a kid. A letterholder full of pictures letters and birthannouncements of dear friends. My milkcontainermoneybox and on the desks are two beautfull notebooks waiting for the future. What will I write in them?

maandag, januari 09, 2006

Corners of my house

I unknowingly had started this on my own with the babyroompicture (Oh do I love that corner with the rockerchair) but today I officially went around with my snapshotcamera to make pictures of the beloved corners of this house. I've got more in mind because I love this house to bits.

That was a happy c
oincedence because we bought it as a plan on paper because of the garden (440 square meters wich in our corner of the world is a big garden). The house they planned to build we weren't to sure of. And I love it. Despite all my love for old things it is a wonderfull idea that this is our house and our house only. Nobody lived in it before. It is for us to give it soul, love and memories.. And we do succeed in that I think. It's quite a happy little house

On this two foto's you see my kitchen and diningtable. The picture rail runs across the entire room and makes it easy to change things. The picture you see here is made by an old friend of mine as a present.

The rench windows into the garden are one of the best features of our house. To blend garden and home in summer is so lovely. The tulips have to bring in nature on their own this time of the year though!

zondag, januari 08, 2006

Hiep hiep hoera!

the girl is one year old. It is unbelievable.. She loved it. The presents and the people, the hip hip hurraying (see post title for dutch translation) She did it whenever she seemed to feel a bit less center of attention. She loved her birthdaycake wich was fun because I put a lot of effort into it. I've started cake decorating when my boy was a year old ( 2,5 years ago) and I'm quite impressed with my progress. Even more so since the inside improved just as much as the outside. I used a 'biscuitmix' of de leukste taarten bak jezelf webshop. I love their cakes and their products. As a filler I make a mon chou mix because I do like cake and just buttercream and cake isn't my idea of yummie.. This was, it was really really good. I might have to do one for a neighbour in a couple of weeks! The boy and i made some small sweets with the leftover marzipan and fondant.. He wanted to wear his own apron because then he was a real cook and real cooks taste everything !

woensdag, januari 04, 2006

A year ago today

I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnanted and I was crafting all day. Nesting, nesting, nesting, nesting. I've allready started reliving those days in my head as you do when the birthday comes closer.
I'll include a picture of her room taken about 2 days after her birth. She still slept in the cradle next to our bed. I still love her room. It's got a garden bug theme going on. I love the green and the splashes of red. The birdhouse is a favourite. It's a musicalbox I made. The cupboard is a stranda from Ikea that I painted and I decoupaged an apple print scanned out of a dick bruna book. It is covered in boeklon. The selfadhesive stuf you use for books. It works brilliantly.. My son got sailboats on his cupboard
Gotta go have another birthday today

dinsdag, januari 03, 2006

Sewing in action

One of the big big advantages of being able to work at home is that I can fill in waiting hours with my own stuf. So the last oneandahalf hour I was behind the sewingmachine trying to finish my first ever clotingthing made following a pattern..

Following is used in the lightest sense of the word. i'm not a follower. Some of my changes worked out very well. The pattern was for a much lighter fabric and the ribbon was in an alltogether diferent place. But well the seems . Lets say it is very obvious that I'm used to make stuffed things..

I do love it though . I 've got a little bit of spare fabric and ribbon to make my girl a duvet for her new dollpram she will be getting on her birthday next saturday..I see her standing behind it and allready love the combo.. (walking won't be seen it's her first birthday.. swhe loves to stand though)

One of the disadvantages of making your mind up when in the middle of a project is that you just don't have the stuff you need! I will have to go in town to find a nice blue button..


And now with links and photo's

that's the new goal: so I'm gonna try to link to the blog that got me back crafting: it is susans rungirlrun.

I was browsing through some adoptionblogs (love reading them as once I dreamed of adopting myself, I didn't but it still fascinates me). And there was Susans blog with a beautifull doll and I tthought I want to do that. And I did. Thisw i what I came up with..
I first made the girl on the left for my daughter on a holiday near the sea. I did her completely by hand wich decreases the amounts of mistakes I make.. She is entirely made of materials I allready had lying around (I had saved fabric for ages because I wanted to craft...)

Then of course my son wanted a doll too. He got a boy and has since requested he wanted a girl with a pretty dress aswell!

There names are Grietje and Flip and I love them dearly though they have mistakes.. Fortunately my kids like them too..

The best thing about

this blog name is that it covers just about everything. I want to improve. I 've contemplated started a blog about selfhelpbooks for a while and call it 'mijk verbetert zichzelf'. wich is a sort of translation of what I got now.

The first thing I have to improve is my computerskills. i'v got no idea how this even works . I'm learning while I go along. But there allready about 70 things that I wnat to change to this blog.. Improvements on the way


maandag, januari 02, 2006

Why blog?

Because I love reading them thats why. I've been thinking about starting one for over a year now and well isn't the 2 th of january a wonderfull day to start fresh things? It was an awfull busy workday today so it made perfect sense to drift away and create this home in my computer..

One of the main reasons for not starting was I couldn't decide in wich language to write . I'm dutch and I love my language. In fact it is my main worktool. I don't read Dutch blogs though..

I read blogs in english from around the world. It has opened my world. I stopped thinking all americans are stupid (though I still think Bush is.. )
and I learned that the norwegian word for knitting is strikken which is a lovely word (it is dutch for bows) and so much better then breien..a word thats sounds similar to mush...

And there you have another reason for writing in a foreign language: I once heard someone say in a different language you think different thoughts. And I want to find out if he was right!